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We specialize in planning adult and kids birthday's, baby showers, bridal and bachelor parties and etc. Our job is to create the best experience it can be with endless imagination. Whether planning a 1st or 50th birthday, Office party, Anniversary or Super bowl party. Either large or small, whatever size and style you like we got you covered.

We provide the highest and professional level of service with our freshly made cuisine. delicious  desserts and innovative decorations.  We use the finest and freshest ingredients around. You tell us what you want and we will make it happen for you and your guest. We will design a menu made just for you. 


We offer complete party decor from cupcake stations,margarita bars to fantastic brunch buffets.  We will make your special occasions one to be remembered. We also provide private chef  for private dinner parties for two or more.

Hot Chocolate Mousse

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This is a simple recipe that looks like a professional dessert for an upscale restuarant. I hope you enjoy it!

​1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 teaspoon instant coffee/ espresso               powder 

5 tablespoons instant cocoa


1. Mix all ingredients, except whipping          cream, together thoroughly in a small        bowl until well blended. 

2. Stir in heavy cream 

3. Pour mixture into the Wattle and Vine        whip cream dispenser. Remmeber not 

    to go pass the fill line. Shake the                dispenser 5-6 times allow it to chill in         the refrigerator for 30 min to an hour.

4. Pick one of the 3 tips provided. Attach        N20 chargers until it release air 

    then remove the charger and you are          ready to go. 

 More pictures of this recipe and more          are  Instagram Click Here!  

About us

We service the greater Los Angeles,  South Bay and surrounding areas for catering events, private/personal dinners. With our modern designs, affordable prices and array of available styles we can help you plan the event of your dreams and offer you a unforgettable experience.

We specialize in creative, custom menus.  Whatever your event is whether its casual or elegant event we will make it special.Our focus is always on detail, quality and friendly helpful customer service. We are here to ensure your event is a success. Where ever  your imagination takes you , we do our best to make it memorable.

Jenene McKay

I'm a foodie to the heart and a self taught cook. I enjoy the culinary arts and creating personalized menus for parties.


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