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Orders will be taken for Fried Turkeys up 16 to 20 lbs

from Nov 26 - Dec 18, 2018 !!

Orders will be taken for sides and dessert are from  

Nov 26 - Dec 20, 2018! 

Local Delivery is available for $10

Pick up is Dec 23 10am-7pm & Dec 24  8am -3pm

​​Main Attraction

( whole slab on all salmon orders)

Garlic N' Herb Turkey or Baked Salmon                                                                  $85

Fried to PERFECTION with a savory garlic and fresh herb that you 

simply can't resist. Brushed with garlic and herb sauce!

most popular

Fried Cajun Rub Turkey or Baked Salmon                                                        $85 

This Louisiana turkey is seasoned with a mildly southern

rub of garlic, smoke paprika and herbs and brushed with Cajun

butter sauce for an extra KICK!. 

Fried Jerk rub Turkey or  Baked Salmon                                                               $85

Wanna taste of the island life? Well... this sweet and smoky  

jerk turkey will not disappoint. This succulent turkey is brushed  

with a jerk sauce glaze that will make you feel like you just arrived in 


Fried Lemon Pepper Turkey or Baked Salmon                                               $85

Lemon...good, Turkey...good, mix it together and you have

lip smacking lemon pepper rub with crispy skin and topped 

with a lemon pepper sauce. It's got flavor!


Sweet Ginger Garlic Salmon                                                              $85

​Midly sweet ginger and basil that's absolutely mouthwatering

You buy and I fry!                                                                                                               $65
(Turkey must be thawed out, no more than 20 lbs and dropped off by Dec 15-18)         


Cajun Shrimp and Grits                                                                     $120

​Succulent shrimp and Chicken sausage buttery stone grits with sharp

cheedar, harvati and smoked gouda cheese with a smoky tomato cajun gravy or

a chicken sausage onion gravy sauce. Can be made without sausage.  

(Half pan $80)

Tender Beef Roast                                                                                                    $65

This Ohhhhh so juicy, tender fall apart roast will melt in your

mouth. Served in a rich savory gravy that will have you begging

for more.                                        

Bottled Sauces                                                                                                           $10
Garlic n Herb, Lemon Pepper, Smokin Cajun and Jerk

* Turkeys will be be carved or cut in half . Please specify!

The Side Show

Mac n' Cheese                                                                                                  

A  cheesy goeey buttery melt in your mouth goodness                                             

 Half $85 /Full $130

Smoked Cajun Bacon Mac n' Cheese 

With smoked cheddar and 4 other cheeses 

Half $85/Full $130 (no bacon option available) ) choice of pork or turkey bacon

Vegan Mac n' Cheese

​with vegan cheddar, monetery Jack and  mozzarella 

Half $85

Collard Greens                                                                        

Traditional greens simmered with smoked turkey                                     

(vegatarian option available)

Half $65/Full $85

Garlic Mashers                                                                            

The fluffiest and creamiest whipped potatoes with the love of garlic cloves                       

Half $65/Full $80

Baked Candied Yams                                                                      

Just a midly sweet, buttery and delicious 

Half $65/Full $85    

Southern Cornbread dressing   

Moist with the right spices and herbs(vegetarian option available)

Half $65/ full $85


The Finale 

$35   Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie  (12" inch)

$35    Banana Cream Pie with Lorna Doone shorbread crust with a layer of                             bananas, light and airy vanilla cream and topped with homemade whip                           cream

$70   Peach or Apple Cobbler Old Fashioned  with a biscuit topping or New School            with the butter flaky crust. Full pan $80 

$75   Death By Chocolatecake,

          moist chocolate cake, with 3 layers of whipped chocolate ganache ,chocolate                 butter cream & chocolate shavings 

$75  Red velvet cake super moist with vanilla cream cheese butter cream 


$55   Sock it to me cake,Lemon or vanilla pound cake                                                                                

$75   Bourbon Banana Pudding Cheesecake

         Vanilla wafer crust with layers of banana topped with vanilla wafers and

          whipped cream

$65  Caramel  Cake

         This classic is a moist and rich yellow cake covered in a smooth creamy                         addictive sweet caramel.                                                               

$55  Louisiana Crunch Cakemoist, pound cake topped with crunchy toasted                          coconut and a thin vanilla glaze

$55  Salted Caramel Pound Cake vanilla cake topped w/dulce de leche and sea salt

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